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Matcha green tea is preferred all over the world because of its many healthy benefits that this power drink possesses. It is a beverage that is a source of vitamin A (which increases the body’s immunity to fight infections and keeps the eyes and skin moist), vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C (that is usually used as an aid into treating of the common cold and boosting the immune system), Vitamin E (that improves metabolism and boosts stamina and vitality), Vitamin K (protects from internal bleeding) and trace minerals.

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Whether you’re the person who often gets the flu or are a ‘healthy food junkie’, you will want to try out this green powdery tea as it is high in antioxidants. So what are antioxidants? Well they are powerful nutrients and enzymes that are responsible for fighting off the negative effects of UV radiation which results in giving the skin younger-looking skin and preventing skin cancer or decreasing the possibility to get it. You can consume the antioxidants in many other raw fruits and vegetables as well and many green vegetables for that matter.

If you are a big fan of chocolate, you can consume that as well because the dark chocolate is healthy for you and it also contains the antioxidants. The benefit of the matcha powder is that it provides over 5 time as many antioxidants as any other food and it is actually the highest rated by the ORAC method, which is the oxygen radical absorbance capacity.

If you are a tea lover, you will have to know more about EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate. Quite a mouthful right? So why is it important? It is important because of its cancer fighting properties, as researched by the scientist. They have also found that Matcha tea holds over hundred times more EGCG’s than any other tea in the market. Although there is no clear evidence that the Matcha tea fights off cancer, it contains the good mix to prevent it.


628e41ffbd9e4dff314a2545fc42d462Matcha tea can be also used as a substitute for coffee. Do you ever notice that shaky feeling after drinking coffee? That uncontrolled surge of energy and you feel your heart rate elevates? Drinking Matcha tea actually calms you while giving you the alertness you need for the things you have to do later in the day. This tea was consumed even by Zen Buddhist monks to keep them relaxed while also being alert. You won’t feel drowsy after the effects of the tea wear off because of the amino acids L-Theanine that is in the Matcha leaves and what this amino acids to is they promote the production of alpha waves in the brain that induce relaxation.
When you need to study for long hours a night or when you really need to focus on your work being done more efficiently and quickly, the Matcha tea boosts memory and concentration. This is very beneficial for everyone who need to get their work done while enjoying that tasty green tea.
For all sport enthusiasts, the matcha tea is known to increase energy levels and endurance. There were clinical tests that have proven the fact that matcha helps speed recovery in athletes who focus on high-intensity workouts. While training, our cells tend to suffer certain amount of damage, and matcha has also been shown to reverse cellular damage caused by the oxidative-nitrosative stress. What this is, is the internal imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants and this imbalance destroys cells and prevents their repair and causes disease.

For people who are trying every single diet and are not happy with results, the matcha tea also has been shown to increase metabolism and help the body burn fat at the faster rate than any other tea on the market and any diet we can try. Diets sometimes have nasty side-effects ranging from gaining more weight later on and high blood pressure and increased heart rate. Consuming more of this green powdered tea mix will not only be enjoyable overall for the body, but it will help the metabolism to work faster in resolving any body fat that gets left behind.

Our body is being bombarded every day with heavy metals because we live in a rather polluted world. Because of this, we are in need of a natural remedy that is in fact matcha tea that detoxifies the body and helps removing those chemical toxins from the body in a safe natural way.

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